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Who killed Birgitte?

Who Killed Birgitte? - Trailer
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Documentary | 1 season / 9 episodes

Original title: Hvem drepte Birgitte?

Producer & Director: Bjørn Eivind Aarskog

Editor: Helge Billing

Music Composer: Espen Kluge

Cinematography & Additional Editor: Magnus Halvorsen Wathne

Production Manager & Additional Editor: Aleksander Tranberg

Sound Design: Stig Holte

Journalist & Co-director: Bjørn Olav Jahr

Visual Effects & Additional Camera: Håvard Finnesand

Costume Designer: Aleksandra A. Aarskog

Make-up Artist: Michael Wallin

Second Unit Director: Severin Ommundsen

Production Coordinator: Helene Ødegård

Assistant Editor: Ane Øxnevad

Color Grader: Kevin Verner

Production: Filmhimmelen

Production year: 2018

Country: Norway

Language: Norwegian & English with English, Danish, Swedish and Finnish subtitles

True Crime series


Main Cast:


Torger Tengs

Ståle Finsal

Erik Lea

Ulf Åsgård

Erik Nadheim

Arvid Sjødin

Tore Per Bakken

Dagfinn Torstveit

John Arne Bauge

Harald Dale

Grete Strømme

Hans Petter Aass

Helga Urrang

Gisli Gudjonsson

Sigurd Klomsæt


Main Actors:

Henny Haukeland Liadal

Lars Nilsen Samuelsen

Susann Bugge Kambestad

Jan Håkon Hansen

Morten Djønne

Behind the scenes

In 1995, on the small, idyllic island of Karmøy, in Western Norway, 17 year old 

Birgitte Tengs is brutally molested and murdered, a short distance from her home. After a two-year investigation, the police ignore the forensic evidence and interrogate her  19-year-old cousin for 3 weeks. He finally confesses to a murder he can't recall. Later, he withdraws his confession, but it is still considered in court and is his downfall, as he is found guilty of rape and murder, and sentenced to 14 years in  prison. In the appeal, his confession is  dismissed, and he is exonerated by the jury, but the judge still sentences him to pay damages.  


The True Crime Series’ Investigation reveals the desperation of the police to find a murderer while ignoring several other actual suspects. As the stigmatized cousin flees the country, we track down the other suspects that were never properly investigated. 26 years later in 2021, the police get a DNA match to our prime suspect. He is jailed and the question Who Killed Birgitte? will most likely be answered.

Behind the scenes Hvem drepte Birgitte?

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