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All About My Father

All about my father (2002) Uten tekst
All about my father (2002) Uten tekst

All about my father (2002) Uten tekst

All about my father (2002) ENG sub

All about my father (2002) ENG sub

All About My Father - Teaser
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All About My Father - Teaser

All About My Father - Trailer
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All About My Father - Trailer

Original title: Alt om min far

Director: Even Benestad

Producers: Bjørn Eivind Aarskog & Ola K. Hunnes

Production: Exposed Film Productions

Co-production: Zentropa real

Featuring: Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad, Elsa Almås, Elisabeth Skaflem Benestad, Even Benestad & Liv

Cinematography: Bjørn Eivind Aarskog

Camera: Steffan Strandberg, Even Benestad & Bjørn Eivind Aarskog

Music: Kaada

Language: Norwegian

Production year: 2002

First release: Feb. 21 st 2002

“All about my father” is a personal documentary about a well respected medical doctor and transvestite in a small christian town in norway, directed by the one person most likely to convey his story with warmth, humor and irony: his son. Armed with a small video camera and the family’s super 8mm films, he sat out to make a personal portrait of his transvestite father. 
Contrary to my father’s idea that this film would promote him as a colourful and different person who uses all his time and effort to combat the conservative bureaucracy, I made a deeply personal portrait of him where his transvestitism and strong self-realization forms the basis of the film. 


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FIPRESCI, int. film critic's award, Gothenburg film festival - 2002 

SECOND PRIZE, for best doc, Valladolid Int. Film Festival - 2002 

NORDIC COUNCIL'S FILM PRIZE, nominated for best feature -2002

EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY AWARD, nominated for best doc. - 2002

THE DOC. AWARD, best doc, The Norwegian Short Film Festival - 2002 

AMANDA AWARD, best feature film, The Norwegian Int. Film Festival - 2002 

AUDIENCE AWARD, Festival of Festivals, Århus – 2002 

TEDDY for best doc, Berlin Int. Film Festival - 2002 

SPECIAL DOC. PRIZE, Int. Doc. Film Festival Munich - 2002 

GOLDEN AWARD, for best int. doc, hotdocs, Toronto - 2002

HONORABLE MENTION, The Church of Sweden – 2002

FILM CRITIC'S AWARD, for best feature film, Oslo - 2003 

GULLRUTEN, best tv documentary, Bergen - 2004 

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77min   |   Documentary 

Behind the scenes

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